Save the Date: Seminar „IP and Company Value” in Munich on 15 June 2015

We invite all our readers come to our seminar “IP Company and Value” on 15 June 2015 in Munich, Germany. Since the foundation of our law firm in 2009, we focus on our client’s intellectual property needs - from a legal, but, also from a business perspective. On 15 June 2015 we will hold an interesting and exiting seminar about “IP and Company Value” in German.  Our experienced lawyers Mrs. Alexandra Dellmeier and Mrs. Hannah Eckermann and the management consultant, Mr. Johannes Spannagl, will give lectures about the creation, evaluation and defense of intellectual property rights. The seminar will be especially interesting for start-ups as well as medium-sized and large companies who want to know the value of and enforce their IP rights. We are looking forward to seeing some of you at our seminar. To download the flyer in German and to apply - click here: