2014: Statistics for Community Trademarks

The „TM5“ just published a Statistics about the development of Community Trademarks in 2014. Below you can see that 117.451 Community Trademark (CTM) Applications were received by OHIM in 2014. As you can see, the E-Filling is meanwhile the most popular application form since its introduction in 2005. After examination, if the application is accepted it will go for publication. In 2014, 109.464 applications were published. Within the time of three month after publication a notice of opposition may be filled. This possibility was used 15,737 times last year. 103.782 trademarks were registered in 2014 after the period of publication because no opposition was filed or the opposition was not successful. After registration, a CTM can only get removed via a nullity cancelation procedure. 613 CTMs were cancelled and surrendered in 2014. If the CTM is not cancelled it is valid for ten years. After that time it has to be renewed. In 2014, 28.190 CMT renewal were reveived at OHIM.   For more detailed information and other statistics please see: https://oami.europa.eu/tunnel-web/secure/webdav/guest/document_library/contentPdfs/about_ohim/the_office/SSC009-Statistics_of_Community_Trade_Marks-2014_en.pdf