In the cutthroat world of advertising, the temptation to proclaim superiority over competitors is ever-present. Whether it is claiming to be “Europe’s Number One” or touting oneself as simply “the best,” such declarations can be powerful tools for brand promotion. However, beneath the surface lies a legal minefield that companies must tread carefully to avoid running afoul of competition law.

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On May 1, 2009 LexDellmeier was founded! Incredible that 15 years have gone by. Therefore, it is time to briefly comment and appreciate these past years and our #amazingjourney.

Over the past 17 days, we posted a picture a day mentioning that #LexDellmeier supports #World IP Day. Well, today is the day! Implemented 24 years ago to promote and increase general understanding of #intellectual property (IP), World IP Day is dedicated to a different IP related theme each year and this year, it focuses on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals –  of which there are a total of 17, introduced to you over the past days.

In our series of blog articles, genuine use of a trademark has already been an issue. But since the topic is very important and can even lead to loss of trademark rights, awareness raising cannot be rated high enough. We therefore chose the “LUTAMAX” decision of the General Court of the European Union (Joined Cases T-221/22 and T-242/22) to bring the topic to your attention once again.

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The protection system of geographical indications (GIs) in the European Union is set to undergo changes as two new specific EU regulations were recently adopted. The framework in place since 1992 to protect wines, spirit drinks and agricultural products will be modernised, while geographical indications for craft and industrial products will be eligible for protection at EU level for the first time in history.

LexDellmeier, the creative trademark, design, copyright and licensing law experts from Munich, Germany, and its team members would like to extend to all clients, colleagues and IP friends from around the world a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2024!

Protecting slogans as trademarks is becoming more difficult. The European Union Intellectual Property Office’s (EUIPO’s) Board of Appeal (BoA) has dealt with the question of  registrability of slogans as trademarks in no less than three decisions recently. 

All these small Gimmicks – Trademark Infringement?

Vacation time. Travelling time. Hamburg. Miniatur Wunderland - the world´s largest model railway. An amazing place to spend a whole day, discovering all the small gimmicks that the Wunderland crew has built and is still continuing to expand. Looking at all the trademarks used, one might wonder if this could be considered trademark infringement. Earlier this year, the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) had to decide about a similar question and we would like to share the decision.

(Source:  BGH, I ZR 86/22, Decision of 12 January 2023)

Be honest - Have you ever bought counterfeit goods or illegally consumed digital content?

On 12 June 2023, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) published an interesting article on counterfeits and illegal electronic content. As an IP boutique specializing in non-technical intellectual property rights, we come across counterfeits all the time and we found the study very interesting and would like to share some of its main findings with you.

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Alexandra Dellmeier of LexDellmeier - Intellectual Property Law Firm Intellectual Property Office talks about her career in IP and running her own firm. In April 2023, Managing IP launched Women Founders list, a publication dedicated to highlighting the intellectual property firms that were founded or co-founded by women. The full interview in Managing IP can be found at: and is also copied into the LexDellmeier Blog below.