Competition Law

Competition Law

Competition law describes the rules of fair play in the market. The German Act against Unfair Competition (in German: UWG) is a sharp and quick tool in the daily struggle against unfair practices. Unfair competition, such as misleading advertising or aggressive commercial practices, usually relate to companies that compete for the end users of their products.

Our clients appreciate the hands-on, fast reaction approach of our attorneys when it comes to effectively protecting their marks and products from unfair practices, be it in comparative advertising, offers on the Internet or classical product imitation.

Our expertise in the area of competition law comprises among others:

  • Review and furnishing of expert opinions in all areas of competition law

  • Legal input, support and implementation of advertising and marketing concepts

  • Evaluation of individual marketing ideas and activities

  • Opinions regarding marketing measures of competitors

  • Strategic and creative solutions to improve your market presence and protect your IP

  • Enforcement and litigation in competition law matters