Posts from the European General Court Category

March 15, 2024 Genuine Use of a Trademark – Always relevant, always worth a Reminder
July 25, 2022 Well-known trademark “PUMA” prevails against “PLUMAflex by Road”
May 25, 2021 „Bavaria Weed“ - A Trademark Application Contrary to Public Order?!
October 28, 2019 Court of Justice of the European Union -- Increase in efficiency? Let’s wait and see!
August 22, 2019 H’ugo’s – a famous Munich local Pizza Bar Lounge wins trademark case at the European Union General Court
July 30, 2019 Three "Stripes" - and you are out - EU General Court cancels adidas 3-stripe mark
July 04, 2019 When a striker acts as a defender: EU General Court’s decision “NEYMAR” (T-795/17)
January 07, 2019 European General Court: Distinctiveness of the Shape of an Amphora with a Bulge
August 02, 2018 General Court: cannot be registered as an EU trademark
May 16, 2018 Marriott wins case against Austrian billionaire: General Court rules visual and conceptual similarity between figurative marks
March 19, 2018 General Court of the European Union states no likelihood of confusion between “BEPOST” and “(e)POST” trademarks
March 05, 2018 LG´s Trademark „Dual Edge“ is descriptive in the EU
December 18, 2017 How to protect the combination of two colors? European General Court denies Red Bull trademark protection.
April 03, 2017 Arguments gone with the wind: the EGC upholds a decision concerning a potential one-letter “e” mark
July 18, 2016 MACCOFFE v McDONALD’S: Black sheep of the “McFamily”
June 27, 2016 Football frenzy leaves the pitch and enters the legal arena
June 08, 2016 The EGC decides on the link between conceptual similarity and consumers’ confusion
April 27, 2016 Trying to escape the bite of the Crocodile
October 07, 2015 New procedural rules adopted by the European General Court