The 2012 Annual Report 2012 of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office

The world's fifth largest national patent and trade mark office (GPTO / DPMA) has now published its annual report 2012 English, which includes information and statistics all around patents, trademarks, utility models, designs etc. GPTO_Annual_Report_2012_Front_Page_Seite_1                    GPTO_Annual_Report_2012_Chart_Overview_Seite_2 Although the financial system in Europe is still in a tense situation, there is presently no significant impact on the number of new IP applications at the GPTO. Innovators and business concerns focus on innovation in order to strengthen their competitiveness. Click on the following links to be redirected to the GPTO's website for the full, approx. 120 page, Annual 2012 Report in ENGLISH or GERMAN.