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Sell-off period

Within the sell-off period the infringer is still allowed to sell the already produced products which infringe the rights of the right holder. A sell-off period can be set by court during a process or through an amicable agreement between the parties. 

Sound mark

A sound mark is a trademark where a sound, for example, a tone sequence, melody or a sound pattern is used to identify the commercial origin of products or services.

Specialist lawyer

Through the title „specialist lawyer“ a German lawyer can prove sound knowledge and experience in a certain legal field. The specialist lawyer is committed to regularly visit seminars and collect CLE credits. 

Supplementary protection of related rights under competition law

The supplementary protection of related rights under competition law (stipulated in § 4 of the German Unfair Competition Act) grants an entrepreneur the right to take legal action against other entrepreneurs who damage the reputation of his company.