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Filesharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia, documents or electronic books.

Figurative mark

A figurative mark is represented by using pictures, graphics or images (without word components) which can be used to distinguish goods and services of one rights holder from those of another.

Final Declaration

A final declaration is part of the final settlement of a legal dispute after an injunction. Through his signature the recipient acknowledges the preliminary injunction between the parties as the final settlement and waives his right to file an opposition, to set a deadline and to have the injunction set aside as well as further legal remedies. 

Food, Tobacco and Cosmetics law

The laws governing foods, tobacco and cosmetic products regulate the treatment and production of food, tobacco and cosmetics. A strict supervision in this area is essential because of the importance of consumer and health protection.

Free Use (Copyright Law)

An independent work created through free use of the work of another person (which is protected by copyright law) can be published or exploited without the consent of the author of the work which was used. However, free use is only given if the original work is nearly indistinguishable because of the individuality of the new work.