LexDellmeier-Team on a Lama-Adventure


LexDellmeier-Team on a Lama-Adventure

In August 2021 we had the chance to go on a Lama-Tour through the village Beuerberg (near Starnberger See). This was a special and extraordinary experience with lots of fun which will stay in our memories. We want to thank “Rio Lamas” who made this excursion possible. Due to the pandemic we regrettably had to delay our trip several times – but finally, it was able to take place. Besides taking a trip into the nature and getting to know the animals, we also got to know our client personally.


  1. “Rio Lamas” and their owners

The farm “Rio Lamas” including the ten lamas is owned by Yvonne und Oliver Wahl.In the summer of 2012, a small black and white lama called Rio de Oro won  Yvonne’s heart and was the initial ignition to have her own lamas. In May 2013, the stables and pastures were carefully selected, and, Yvonne and Oliver got their first lama, Saphir de Oro. Eventually, further young, namely Lamas Desperado, Evido, Lamorik and Saphir joined the flock. Recently, Yvonne and Oliver and their, “Rio Lamas” flock moved to a new premises outside of Munich, Germany.

  1. General Information about lamas and the lamas of “Rio Lamas”

Lamas are a species of camels and originate from the south American Anden. Their diet consists of herbaceous plants, grasses, shrubs, lichens. Lamas can grow to a height of 113 to 130 cm and can weigh 120 to 150 kg. The coat can be plain (white, brown, black), spotted or contain a different pattern. The animals are used to carry heavy weights, to gain wool or meat (only in south America). Lamas express their mood through their ears and tail. Under normal circumstances they only spit at their fellow lamas. The exception is when they feel harassed or threatened by a person. The flock of “Rio Lamas” currently consists of ten animals.

  1. Great adventures“Rio Lamas" offer

“Rio Lamas” offer several options and adventures in order to get to know the lamas. Via the program “Lamas hautnah” you are able to visit the adorable animals at their stable and pasture. There are also “Lama-Tours” where you can explore Beuerberg and the surrounding area with a lama at your side. The offered options differ in length and content and can be customized.

With “Lamaste-Lama meets Yoga” you get the chance to experience yoga while being surrounded with nature and  lamas. Currently, there are three main programs available. You can choose from “Lamaste at the Lake”, “Morning Lamaste” and “Sunset Lamaste”.

If you really liked one of the lamas you met during one of the programs, you can also become the sponsor of a lama of your choice for a year. This program is called “Lama-Patenschaften”. You will receive many benefits like personal Lama-Post twice a year, a fiber-sample from your lama, a 10% discount percent for “Rio Lamas” products during the sponsorship and the chance to get to know your lamabetter.

Yvonne and Oliver Wahl also visit children and senior citizens with their lamas in several facilities in and around Beuerberg. They bring the participants much joy and we think this voluntary engagement is fantastic!

On the website “Rio Lamas” you will also find the “Lamaladen”, where you can look at the different products which are available at the farm store like plush lamas (Kuschel-Lamas) or the book “Mit drei Lamas nach Rom” by Thomas Mohr. It is also possible to buy a voucher as a gift. You can either pick it up at the farm or you can ask for the voucher to be sent to you via email.

If you caught interest in “Rio Lamas” or want to try out one of their fun programs, you can always take a look at their website. Yvonne and Oliver would enjoy meeting you and having you as their guests.