LexDellmeier supports great local charity project “SPENDIERMAß”

LexDellmeier supports great local charity project “SPENDIERMAß”

© Karolin Schech, LexDellmeier

2021 – the second year in the pandemic. The second year in which Oktoberfest and most other festivals in Bavaria are not taking place. For most Bavarians and worldwide “Oktoberfest lovers” this is of course a disaster. The situation is however a catastrophe for those whose income depend on these festivals and thereby support their entire families. The second corona year has paid its toll to these families and threatening their existence.

Anton Kölbl, a local goldsmith with great affinity to Bavarian tradition decided to support these travelling showmen with a creative and lovely idea: the ”Spendiermaß”. This is a small pin in sterling silver or bronze in the form of a Bavarian „Maß“ – a beer mug which holds a whole liter of beer. Anton designed the unique little masterpieces of jewellery in his “Atelier Kölbl” (check it out on Instagram!) in Parsdorf. The “Spendiermaß” is poured externally, and Anton refines and finishes each single piece in painstaking detail work in his spare time. Anton donates 100% of the net profit to the “Historische Gesellschaft Bayerischer Schausteller“ (Historical Society of Bavarian Showmen), whose goal is "the reappraisal of the history, as well as the preservation and promotion of historical cultural assets of all kinds of the German showmen's trade".

At the beginning of his project – which initially runs until 3 October 2021 – the actual last day of this year’s Oktoberfest – Anton had anticipated to collect a total sum of EUR 10,000 for his charity project. This goal was reached at the beginning of September, already, because the “Spendiermaß” was extremely well received throughout Bavaria and found many supporters.

LexDellmeier became aware of Anton and his “Spendiermaß” through an article in SZ (Link). Karolin Schech, an Oktoberfest enthusiast, and one of our senior attorneys contacted Anton and recommended him to seek for trademark protection for the creative name “Spendiermaß”.

We at LexDellmeier enjoy the Bavarian culture and usually spend one day together at each Oktoberfest. As this could not happen this year for the second time, we decided to support the Bavarian showmen indirectly by supporting Anton‘s great project. Hence, we advised Anton for free with respect to trademark protection and filed the application DE 30 2021 114 823.1 “Spendiermaß” (word mark) with the German Patent and Trademark Office without charging attorney fees. And, as we fell in love with the nice little beer mug pins, we also bought 15 pieces of the “Spendiermaß” for our staff – see the picture.

What a great project! And Anton is really fun to work with. We look forward to his further plans and ideas.

If you also want to obtain and buy a “Spendiermaß” and support the great cause, you have to be quick: Anton offers the “Spendiermaß” until 3 October 2021 – official end of Oktoberfest (if it would have taken place) – on his website www.spendiermass.de (Link).