FOOTBAL BRANDS 2016: Who leads the game?

Brand Finance Football 50 is an annual study conducted by one of the leading brand valuation and strategy consultancies. The study published on June 6, 2016 determines which of the word largest football clubs have the most powerful and valuable brands.

The numbers do not lie. As can be seen in the chart, the world’s most valuable football club brand this year is Manchester United FC with a brand value estimated at 1,170 USD million. The second position is occupied by the current Champions League Winner, Real Madrid, and the podium’s third place is attributed to its forever greatest rival, Barcelona.

Every football aficionados has heard about the amazing season accomplished by the English club Leicester. Because of this achievement, the club wins the title of the fastest growing football brand of 2016 with a 132% rising while the second place is given to Borussia Mönchengladbach with a rising of ‘only’ 101%.  Unfortunately, not every football brand has seen his value increasing. As a matter of fact, football clubs like Newcastle United and Aston Villa have seen a significant decline of their brand values this year. The same applies to the Turkish clubs Galatasaray facing a decline of 34% while Fenerbahce suffers a loss of 21%.

On another area when looking statistics by country, football clubs brands from England & Wales capitalize a total amount of 7,168 USD million representing 48% of the total brand value, whereas, football clubs from Spain and Germany share 19% and 16%, respectively. It is not surprising when it has been established that out of the first 10 most valuable brands, 6 of them come from the UK.

For more information please see BrandFinance’s just published report of 2016 – which includes an executive summary, charts, brand value and much more: