We value making personal connections and staying in close contact with our clients around the world. Our IP team consists of multi-lingual speaking attorneys, certified paralegals and qualified intellectual property support staff.

Our goal is to understand our clients` needs, develop strong, long-standing relationships in order to maximize their success.

Meet the Team:

Alexandra Dellmeier
Attorney at Law (Germany) - Rechtsanwältin (Founder & Owner)
F. Andrea Schreiber
Senior Attorney at Law (Germany) Rechtsanwältin (Employee)
Karolin Schech
Senior Attorney at Law (Germany) Rechtsanwältin (Employee)
Elisabeth Sandmair
Head of IP Administration
Pierre Gerber
Legal Trainee / IP LL.M / French Avocat
Patent Paralegal
Accounting Manager
Head of IT / IP Management - webbased docketing software

Elisabeth Sandmair, LL.B.

Elisabeth Sandmair, LL.B.

Elisabeth Sandmair is an economic law specialist and a trained and certified patent (IP) paralegal. At LexDellmeier she holds the position as Head of IP Administration.

She was trained in a renown IP Law Firm and therefore has excellent knowledge in the fields of trademark, design, utility model and patent law.

Besides working as an IP paralegal specialist and heading the IP administration at LexDellmeier since 2009, she is – due to her extensive knowledge – responsible to train and instruct new employees.

Duties and responsibilities:

Head of IP Administration

Trademark: Identity, similarity and Internet searches

Docketing and monitoring of deadlines

Reporting in application, opposition, appeal, reconsideration proceedings and coordination of infringement and litigation law suits

Preparation of applications of trademarks and designs in Germany, the European Union, and on an international level

Preparation of expert opinions

Conducting training courses and workshops in the field of trademark, design and licensing law

Speaker and publicist in the field of IP management


German, English, French

Elisabeth Sandmair