Word Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2014

History The World Intellectual Property Office’s (WIPO’s) member states designated April 26 – the day on which the WIPO Convention came into force in 1970 – as World Intellectual Property Day with the aim of increasing the general understanding of Intellectual Property, including trademarks, designs, patents, utility models etc. Each year, a special topic and focus is picked. This year’s World Intellectual Property Day 2014 focuses on “Movies – a Global Passion”. This theme is focused on because watching movies has affected people for over 100 years now and also gives work to the thousands of people who are employed in the film industry. And movies are protected by the copyright law. IP Day Events 2014 Accordingly, a lot of events for interested people are planned all over the world. In Germany for example between 22-27April 2014, Microsoft Berlin is holding an exhibition in their local   cafe     “The Digital Eatery” during which visitors can understand the value of Intellectual Property.In Munich, there will be a workshop about designs, trademarks and patents. To find a summary of all events in Germany please be referred to the following link: http://www.dpma.de/service/seminare_veranstaltungen/welttagdesgeistigeneigentums2014/index.htm Especially interesting will be the WIPO Film Festival between 24 and 28 April, 2014 at the Grütli Cinémas in Geneva, during which five films on IP, creativity and innovation will be shown.