WIPO: Single application form for all Madrid System applications

From 31 October 2015 the Madrid System operates as a single treaty system and the Protocol governs all the designations in the International Register.  All new international applications shall be filed using the MM2 International Application form. On 31 October 2015, the Madrid Protocol entered into force in Algeria, which was the last remaining Contracting Party of the Madrid Union to be a member of the Madrid Agreement only. Following the entry into force of the Madrid Protocol in Algeria, the Protocol will apply in the relationships between all the Contracting Parties of the Madrid Union.  Therefore, all Madrid System users will benefit from the flexibilities and features of the Protocol. Key features of the Protocol now available to all users:
  • Filing of international applications based on national/regional applications or registrations, via a single form (MM2)
  • Free choice of Office of origin on the basis of commercial establishment, domicile or nationality
  • Transformation of international registrations into national or regional trademarks following their cancellation due to the basic mark ceasing to be in effect
  • Choice of presenting to either WIPO or the Office of the holder any subsequent designations and requests for the recording of cancellations and renunciations
  • Renewal of international registrations for periods of ten years
Forms MM1 and MM3 are no longer applicable. Any international application filed using forms MM1 or MM3 will be considered irregular in accordance with the Common Regulations. For more information please click on the following link: WIPO: Information Notice NO. 39/2015 Practical Consequences of Algeria’s Accession to the Madrid Protocol