WIPO’s 2013 Report: Reputation and Image of Brands in the Global Marketplace

The WIPO 2013 Report was published recently and reveals new statistics and information about the great influence and importance of brands in our society, in the global economy and with resepct to innovation infrastructure.


Introduction WIPO's World Intellectual Property Report 2013 contains a great amount of information about trademarks. Trademarks are a key element to success because they affect a customers choice. In addition, they reflect trends and indicate future developments. The report gives an interesting insight to the different behavior of brands around the world. Brand Value The report shows how important brands are and especially how valuable they can be. The value of a brand always depends on the degree of brand awareness and their degree of esteem. There are different possibilities to calculate the value of a brand. The most popular ranking rangers are Interbrand, BrandZ and Brand Finance. As you can see below, all valuations came to the same result that Apple is the most valuable brand in the world. The estimated value is between 185, 1 and 87,3 billion US $. The high difference depends on the different ways of valuation. As you can see from the chart below, all in all, the brand value takes between 21% and 46,7% of the market capitalization. WIPO Statistik Conclusion The report contains about 140 slides and contains too much information to summarize here. But, we can only recommend you to take a look at the full report.