Posts from the European General Court Category

04. August 2021 Plopp... hissss… - Opening of a can - a sound mark?
18. Juni 2021 Pirelli's tire groove remains registered as an EU Trademark
25. Mai 2021 „Bavaria Weed“ - A Trademark Application Contrary to Public Order?!
07. Januar 2019 European General Court: Distinctiveness of the Shape of an Amphora with a Bulge
19. März 2018 General Court of the European Union states no likelihood of confusion between “BEPOST” and “(e)POST” trademarks
18. Dezember 2017 How to protect the combination of two colors? European General Court denies Red Bull trademark protection.
07. März 2017 Tuscany´s gold
27. April 2016 Trying to escape the bite of the Crocodile
26. April 2016 Wordmark “BIMBO” descriptive for products intended for children
11. März 2016 Adidas officially earning its stripes
09. März 2016 EGC´s "HOT SOX" decision doesn´t knock anyone´s socks off
02. Dezember 2015 EGC: Likelihood of confusion between figurative mark ‘cushe’ and earlier ‘she’ marks
27. November 2015 EGC: ELITEDISPLAY and ELITEPAD descriptive for the goods designated in the applications
13. November 2015 EGC: H&M’s design handbag battle against YSL
14. Oktober 2015 EGC: Foldable box of a labour game protectable as a trademark
08. Oktober 2015 Update of the OHIM Guidelines
07. Oktober 2015 New procedural rules adopted by the European General Court
23. September 2015 HOT - Registration of laudatory signs as trade marks
23. Juni 2015 EGC: SWATCH vs. SWATCHBALL
17. Juni 2015 EGC: Pink Lady vs. English Pink
11. März 2015 EGC: Community Trademark VOODOO is not descriptive
04. März 2015 Invalidity of Community Design for Chocolate filled Cookie
18. Februar 2015 EGC: Quotations of prices in computerized booking systems
03. Dezember 2014 EGC: Rubik’s Cube trademark registration upheld
30. Juli 2014 Glamour vs. Glamour Tudor
27. Juni 2014 JUNGBORN vs. BORN – Trademark Dispute for Gourmet Foods
12. März 2014 EGC rules: Yellow curved line cannot be registered as a Community Trademark
03. Februar 2014 Position mark - "button in the ear" of a teddy bear - not registrable as a Community Trademark