Spirits and Wine Brands, Survey 2014

100 BildThe Power 100 is an annual research study produced by one of the world's leading independent brand valuation and strategy consultancy. The study monitors the power of the world's leading spirits and wine brands since nine years. Just recently the results of the study for the year 2014 were published.   Introduction From nearly 10,000 brands in the spirits and wine sectors the study determines the 100 most powerful spirits and wine brands in the world. The value of a brand is determined by a series of factors. A distinction is made between hard and soft measures.   Hard factors   -          Share of market: volume based measure of market share -          Brand growth: projected growth based on 10 years historical data and future trends -          Price positioning: a measure of a brand's ability to command a premium -          Market scope: number of markets in which the brand has a significant presence   Soft factors   -          Brand awareness: a combination of prompted and spontaneous awareness -          Brand relevancy: capacity to relate to the brand and a propensity to purchase -          Brand heritage: a brand's longevity and how it is embedded in local culture -          Brand perception: loyalty and desire for ownership   Procedure A panel of leading experts in the drinks industry individually ranked each brand out of 10 on the above measures. The scores given by the different panel members were combined and averaged to reach a total score for each brand. A total score was reached by multiplying a brand's weighted volume by its brand score, within a defined range. The weighting is designed to adjust the volumes to a comparable level. Brand score is a derivative of the eight measures of brand strength.   Influences of the Developments First of all, the study of 2014 shows that there was a significant growth in the drink market, because of economic growth. The leading alcoholic drink in the world is whiskey. Also the study found out that Scotland is the top country for producing drink brands. The Top 3 of 2014    100 johnnie-walker1   100 Smirnoff  100 Bacardi
  1. As you can see, the most valuable spirit brand in the world in 2014 is “Johnnie Walker”. The blended scotch had already been the strongest brand in 2013. One of the reasons for the great success is that Diageo plc, as the owner of the brand produces special edition variants, for example, the 2014 Spice, Gold and Royal Route Editions.
  2. The closest competitor “Smirnoff” has an 8% total score difference to “Johnnie Walker”. “Smirnoff” is also a brand of Diageo plc. The brand marketing is working with flavoured varities to keep the vodka attractive.
  3. Third place is taken by Bacardi. The recipe of success of Bacardi is volumes growth, a majority share of the market and a rich brand heritage.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Below you can see the list of the top 10 brands including their score. 100 Tabelle   To see the whole study follow the link: http://www.drinkspowerbrands.com