Best Retail Brands 2014

Interbrand, started in 1974 with its approximately 40 offices around the globe, is one of the biggest and oldest brand consultancy companies around the world. Every year, Interbrand conducts and publishes various studies relating to brands, their value and the impact on companies and consumers. The most recent study published relates to the “Best Retail Brands 2014″, which does not just give an in-depth insight, but, also an overview of different countries, including the USA. The most valuable retail brand 2014 is the North American mark WALMART with a brand value of 131,9 billion US-Dollars. Number one in Asia is Woolworth and the most valuable brand in Latin America is the Brazilian cosmetic brand Natura. Europe’s Top Brand is H&M from Sweden with a brand value of 18,2 billion US-Dollars. Seven German brands are in the Top50 of the Best Retail Brands of Europe this year. The most valuable of them is Aldi, worth 2,94 billion US Dollars. The 50 Best Retail Brands of Europe can be found below. best retail brands The statistics show that the most valuable retailers significantly increased their business model by selling online. To stay competitive, retailers have to put an emphasis and invest in E-commerce.  According to Interbrand, e-commerce in Europe only accounts for an estimated 5% of all retail sales. However, sales via ecommerce are rising. A good example is Amazon. The company continues to dominate as the world's biggest e-tailer. Their net sales increased 22% in 2013.