Bank Names and their Brand Value - 2014 Ranking just realeased

The Brand Finance Banking 500 was published in the February 2014 edition of ‘The Banker’ magazine. The largest banks of the world are ranked by the value of their trademarks. The annual study reflects the industry trends and indicates future developments. Introduction The value of a company also includes the value of brands. Customers often associate positive experiences with a well-known brand name. These feelings are reinforced by advertisement. Through their high distinctive character the holder of “more” valuable brands can request more money for their products or services and thereby increase their customer basis. For this reason it is so important for every company to apply for and seek registration for their brand name. If the brand is not protected properly, anybody can take part in or “capitalize” on the companies’ success by using their brand name or symbol. If a brand is protected and enforced, a unique value is created. There are a variety of different, complex models in order to determine the value of a brand. Some industries conduct rankings about the value of their brands. Those rankings are a good possibility for the specific business or company to appreciate its own economic increase, reveal new trends and to prognosticate future developments. Brand value of banks worldwide Below is an extract of the 2014 annual worldwide ranking about the trademark value of banks. Because of the high participation of 500 banks, the ranking is quite significant. The most valuable bank name in 2014 in the world is Wells Fargo with a value of approximately 30 billion US-Dollars. This example shows, how important and worthwhile a good protected brand is. Altogether, the banks of the industrial western countries can be quite pleased with the outcome of the ranking this year. Especially the banks “BNP Paribas”, “HSBC”, “UBS” from Europe and the “Bank of America” and “Citygroup” from the United States significantly  increased their brand values. Banking_Brands_Worldwide Brand value of banks in Germany Finally, we take a closer look at the value of German Bank Brands. The trademark value of “Deutsche Bank” declined this year. The difference is about one billion US Dollar between 2013 and 2014. But, nonetheless, it is still worth approximately 13.5 billion US Dollars which  makes it to the most valuable bank brand of Germany and is ranked 15 in the world. For more information on the German ranking, see the chart below. Banking_Brands_Germany Conclusion This ranking shows how powerful, important and worthwhile it is to protect the brands in all industries. A good and professional trademark strategy and protection is a significant part of the company value.